April 26, 2009 Show (number 1313)

In Hour One, introducing you to John Young of Moondancer Books and Metaphysical Center in Corrales, New Mexico. 

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In Hour Two, Sheila & Marcus Gillette return for another discussion of their new book, The Soul Truth: A Guide To Inner Peace;  as well as to more deeply engage the teachings from THEO, a group of 12 Archangels with timely messages for these changing times; previewing their Day With Theo: A Soul Integration Experienceî coming up at Santa Fe Soul details on that event during the show. Sheila is also the author of The 5th Dimension: Channels to a New Reality

Details: Featured Guest: Sheila & Marcus Gillette Seg. #1, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Sheila & Marcus Gillette Seg. #2, Sponsors, Singer Songwriter Music Set #4, Sponsors

In Hour Three, we have more from Nancy Burson,  renowned photographer, former Harvard instructor and FBI consultant, about meeting the Extra Celestials or ECís. Nancy shares her phenomenal experiences these highly sentient light beings who are now available as guides to us all, including their delivery of healing and enlightening water for anyone to have, free. Her book Lineage tells her amazing story which we will continue today.

Details: Albereo Transmission, Bulletin Board #2, Featured Guest: Nancy Burson Seg. #2, Sponsors, Music Set #5, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Show Close and Preview of May 3rd Show, Music Set #6

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