April 5, 2009 Show (number 1310)

In Hour One, we have our monthly feature, “Awakening to Unseen Dimensions” with Shamanic Astrologer, Ken Robinson and a horse tale, addressing our fears of change, and how to invoke helpers like, the Spirit of the Wind, to coax us out of our fenced in, self-imposed boxes of limitation.

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In Hour Two, featured guests speaking at the 23rd National Conference on the Family and Self; Pat Love author of Hot Monogamy and The Truth About Love, spreading the good news about marriage and committed relationships, returning with some enlightening information on the slippery office slopes into infidelity and how it commonly begins with two innocent acquaintances in the work place confiding in one another… soon infatuation becomes a craving and you want more! Pat alerts us to the signs that can make us crazy as Serotonin levels drop and obsessions rise. Also, Michael Weiner discusses the mood disorder, Dysthmia and the impact of Dysthymia on addiction and recovery.

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In Hour Three, also at the 23rd National Conference on the Family and Self, Joan Borysenko, distinguished pioneer in integrative medicine and a world-renowned expert in the mind/body connection also returns to engage conversation about her book, Saying Yes to Change, co-authored with her husband Gordon Dveirin. We will get into the “wisdom of transitions” with a bold discussion about pain and loss associated with change and the temporary loss of our habitual identity, or false self. Also Bill O’Hanlon, author of 29 books, and an inspirational speaker, engages with more of his coyote humor.

Details: Renewable Minute Feature, Bulletin Board #2, Featured Guest: Joan Borysenko Seg. #2, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Bill O’hanlon Seg #1, Music Set #5, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Show Close and Preview of April 12th Show, Music Set #6

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