New Technology, Language of Spirit & Reconnection Healing (show 1326)

In Hour One, Peter Kater previews his upcoming concert at the Santaurio de Guadalupe Monday evening  and Paul Pantone  talks about an upcoming Extraordinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque and his presentation there of GEET, a new energy system he will present at the conference to revolutionize energy efficiencies and costs.

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In Hour Two, Dr. Glenn Aparicio Parry, President of Seed Graduate Institute,  previews their 11th Annual International Language of Spirit Conference; a dialogue exploring the nature of reality from Indigenous and Western science perspectives. This year’s theme is Space and Place – inner, outer and everywhere in between. Glenn will preview talks by David Peat and Amit Goswami as well as review the schedule of events.

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In Hour Three, Christine Upchurch, trainer for Eric Pearl’s The Reconnection healing system continues her conversation about a new healing phenomena, previewing her upcoming free talks and training seminars, July 29 through August 4th in NM

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