Wealth, A Benefit Concert, Hypnotherapy & Mushroom Magic (show 1329)

In Hour One, Michael Grodin and mycologist Gary Lincoff preview the upcoming 29th Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival and Tim and Angela Simmerman Sierra share details of a free class this Tuesday, offered by the Hypnotherapy Academy, about healing and mind science.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Rosie’s Reading, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Spotlight: Michael Grodin & Gary Lincoff, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Spotlight: Tim & Angela Simmerman Sierra, Music Set #3, Sponsors.

In Hour Two, we continue our conversation with Best-selling author, David Korten, on Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth: Why Wall Street Can’t Be Fixed and How to Replace It. David is the president and founder of the People-Centered Development Forum, Chair of the Board of Yes! Magazine, and the author of The Great Turning, The Post-Corporate World, and When Corporations Rule the World.

Also, George and Sedena Cappannelli, the co-producers of the September 4th Santa Fe Opera event, A Musical Celebration Across Generations! with Roberta Flack and Shawn Colvin, for Age Nation and Empower New Mexico. They are joined by Myshelle Dube, Executive Director of Open Hands and Agnes Vallejos, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association, two of the charities being supported by this special gala entertainment evening designed to inspire while supporting our aging and vulnerable population here in New Mexico.

Details Hour Two: Featured Guest: George & Sedena Cappannelli Seg. #1, Music Set# 4, Seg. #2, Sponsors, Featured Guest: David Korten Seg. #3, Sponsors, Singer Songwriter Music Set #5, Sponsors.

In Hour Three,  a concluding conversation with Alan Lurie, on Finding Unexpected Purpose, Peace, and Fulfillment at Work.

Details Hour Three: Bulletin Board #2, Featured Guest: Alan Lurie Seg. #3, Sponsors, Music Set #6, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Show Close and Preview of August 23rd Show, Music Set #7

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