Creative Stress, Propehcy, Time Travel, Oil Spill, Healing & Language of Spirit (show 1379)

In Hour One,  we begin a prophetic bone throw series on the BP oil spill with Kay Cordell Whittaker, who studied the tradition for more then thirty years with her Hetica teachers of Peru. The question asked is what is the real truth about the spill.

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In Hour Two, joining us Beverly Rubik, Phd. a dialogue participant in the The SEED Graduate Institute 12th Annual International Language of Spirit Conference. Beverly discusses the science of time travel, energy medicine and the leading-edge science supporting complimentary wellness. Dr. Rubik’s main area of focus is research on the subtle energetics of living systems. Currently she is conducting research in several areas including the psychophysiology of extraordinary states including bliss, the subtle properties of water, including memory; and optimal nutrition for anti-aging and prevention. 

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In Hour Three, we continue with James O’Dea, keynoting at this year’s The SEED Graduate Institute’s 12th Annual International Language of Spirit Conference. James concludes a discussion about his new book, Creative Stress and will speak at this year’s Language of Spirit Conference about “Time Travel in the Cauldron of Human Experience.”

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