Energy Medicine, Body-Mind Healing, Love & Loneliness, Biological Dentistry & GMOs (1421)

In Hour One, Doctor Pat Love discusses Friendly Narcissism and the two minute drill around her book, Never Be Lonely Again. We continue our series with Biological dentist, Ieva Wright who gives us an overview of her broad holistic perspective integral to Biological Dentistry and how the state of your oral health may create other problems in other parts of the body or visa versa.

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In Hour Two, Doctor Dan Mathews, who offers Holy Divine Healing in New Mexico twice a year, returns to TRM for an Update on the Recent 14th Paradigm Shift and the accelerated Shifting Steps to Wholeness. According to Dr. Dan, we have successfully passed through 13 of 15 paradigm shifts occurring by the end of 2012
Trained and working as a chiropractor in the early 90s, Dan Mathews “evolved” into Holy Divine Healing through a heat stroke that took him to “the other side of the veil.” During this time he was given the capacity, dates and information for bringing in the new paradigms supporting the consciousness shift leading up to 2012.

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In Hour Three, more from Richard Duree who explores the body-mind connection as he previews his keynote presentation at The Energy Kinesiology Association’s Expanding Horizons of Wellness Conference. And we have a Spotlight with Roland Richter & Sheila Nixon of Joe’s Restaurant on non GMO foods.

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