Weather Alterations, Geo-engineering, Returning Love To Planet Earth & Holy Divine Healing(1440)

In Hour One, we introduce you to Doctor Eric Karlstrom, Professor of Physical and Environmental Geography at California State University, who presents information on geo-engineering as it relates to the deliberate alteration of our planet previewing the upcoming Santa Fe conference sponsored by the Carnicom Institute the weekend of October 22nd & 23rd. Eric presents evidence of large-scale weather modification projects as well as weather and environmental warfare.

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In Hour Two, we conclude our Divine conversation with  Nina Brown discusses her book, Return of Love To Planet Earth: Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary – the true story of Nina’s journey of self-awareness through the alchemical process, of returning the pure love frequency to planet Earth and to humanity’s dormant DNA. 

Details Hour Two: Featured Guest: Nina Brown Seg. #3, Weekly Feature: “Oracle Speak” with Ana Cortez, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Nina Brown Seg. #4, Sponsors, Singer Songwriter Music Set #4, Sponsors.

In Hour Three, Dr. Dan Mathews continues his series with us on the technology of Holy Divine Healing and the latest on those intense paradigm shifts now in process. He will be in Santa Fe later this month, details during the show.

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