2012 Astrological Overview, The Wholeness, New Years (1452)


In Hour One, our featured guest is Master Teacher & Healer, Matthew Reifslager, who offers radical solutions to life’s problems as he guides you to know Divine Mother, your own Divine Self from The Wholeness; with a special segment also to help you prepare for the New Year.

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In Hour Two, our featured guest today is Darcy Alice Nicholson, a professional astrologer who enlightens us on 2012. Darcy has been doing readings professionally for the last 16 years, all over the world. Darcy is also a master bodyworker and recently volunteered at Bumi Sehat Clinic in Bali, founded by the 2011 CNN Hero Award Recipient, Robin Lim.

Today Darcy gives us an overview of 2012, which is showing up to be a powerful year, filled with great blessings, great change, radical revolutionary tendencies, and high creativity. Also,  Ana Cortez and Oracle Speak does a 3 card special 2012 reading.

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In Hour Three, more with Darcy and specific highlights of astrological influences for the months of January & February 2012.

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