THRIVE, Dolphins, Quantum Leap, Astrology (1457)

In Hour One, check out Rudy’s Rap and our Angelic Astrologer Darcy Alice Nicholson offers you the astrological update for February to help you navigate the times with grace, joy and wisdom.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Kathy’s Reading, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Rudy’s Rap, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Darcy’s Astro Update, Music Set #3, Sponsors.

In Hour Two, Nina Brown of Golden Dolphins who previews the upcoming March event, Making The Quantum Leap: Embodying Love For A New Earth, featuring as keynote presenters, the acclaimed Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami and Quantum Healing Practitioner Vladimir Turek.

Details Hour Two: Featured Guest: Nina Brown Seg. #1, Weekly Feature: “Oracle Speak” with Ana Cortez, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Nina Brown Seg. #2, Sponsors, Singer Songwriter Music Set #4, Sponsors.

In Hour Three, more with Foster Gamble, Creator, Host, Co-Writer, Director of Visual Design and producer of THRIVE, an unconventional documentary gone viral. THRIVE uncovers the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives;
weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism along with stellar interviews.

Details Hour Three: Sponsors, Bulletin Board #2, Featured Guest: Foster Gamble Seg. #3, Sponsors, Music Set #5, Bulletin Board #3, Show Close and Preview of February 5th Show, Music Set #6.




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