Her Holiness Sai Maa, Ascension, Quantum Thinking and Healing, (1463)

Hour One, we have our final segment with new thought leader Dianne Collins, who discusses her book “Do You Quantum Think” inspiring the awakening human consciousness to new paradigms in spirituality, philosophy and science with new thinking.

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In Hour Two, more with spiritual luminary, Her Holiness Sai Maa previews her April Event Healing: Accelerated Teachings for Accelerated Times. Sai Maa, which means Divine Mother in Sanskrit, is a master, healer and humanitarian leader with a mission of global enlightenment through practical spirituality and personal transformation. She is also the mother of two grown children, has worked as a business woman, politician and government official in France. Also we have our concluding  segment with Vladimir Turek, a Czech trained MD who has transitioned to the field and dynamic of Quantum Healing. Vladimir has a private practice as well as launching his presence as an event presenter and will be a keynoter at the upcoming Santa Fe Event Making The Quantum Leap: Embodying Love For A New Earth. He’ll also be participating on the panel with Amit Goswami and yours truly, Alan Hutner as moderator.

Details Hour Two: Weekly Feature: “Oracle Speak” with Ana Cortez, Featured Guest: Sai Maa Seg. #3,  Sponsors, Featured Guests: Vladimir Turek Seg. #4, Sponsors, Singer Songwriter Music Set #3, Sponsors.

In Hour Three,  more conversation previewing the March Santa Fe event “Making the Quantum Leap; Embodying Love For a New Earth,” Today, Sri Ananda Devi, a presenter joins us, Ananda Devi is a Medical Intuitive and grace healer for Divine Mother. She has been working with the Divine Mother for over 25 years. Through her own ascension process and spiritual journey, she has received these gifts to be given to others. The work is grounded through her relationship with Amachi. Ananda Devi will offer blessings from the Divine Mother at the event. And another Rudy’s Rap titled, “Drift with the Rift.”

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