Burn Out-Joan Borysenko, Retreat, Swami Beyondananda-Cosmic Comedy & Seed Conference(1476)

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In Hour One, we have another segment with Founder, President of SEED Institute, Glenn Aparicio Parry, who previews the upcoming “Wisdom From the Origins Conference: The Mayan Calendar and Other Prophecies on the Future of Humanity,” with some 35 to 40 presenters and entertainers of note in their mix.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Rosie’s Reading, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Glenn Aparacio Parry Seg. #3, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Music Set #3, Sponsors.

In Hour Two, we conclude our series with Swami Beyondananda and Steve Bhaerman our personal Good Humor men in one body, who preview their June 20th “Evening of Cosmic Comedy” at the Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living. As Swami and Steve both say, “in these serious times, there’s definitely something funny going on!” Also, New York Times bestselling author, Joan Borysenko continues our interview series with great advice from her new book, Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive.

Details Hour Two: Featured Guest: Steve Bhaerman Seg. #4, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Joan Borysenko Seg. #2, Sponsors, Music Set #4 Singer Songwriter Music, Sponsors.

In Hour Three, we had some technical difficulties  requiring that we depart a little from our usual format – nonetheless, you will hear a Spotlight Conversation with Reverend Martha Quintana previewing the upcoming Rio Grande Center of Spiritual Living’s Science of Mind Retreat in Taos. And lots of great music including a celebration of Willie Nelson’s 79th Birthday and good friends Sam Markus & Jennifer Thorington visited us for a “shaktified” morning apprising us of the launch of their new publicity business for conscious music artists “Working Brilliantly.” We’ll play one of the new artists they support, Sonnet Cottage.

Spotlight: Reverand Martha Quintana, Music Set #5, Music Set #6, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Show Close and Preview of June 17th Show, Music Set #7.

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