Aaron Stern: Academy For The Love of Learning, Gangaji, Randy Masters & Nina Brown: Ascension 2012 (TRM #1492)

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In Hour One, we conclude with Nina Brown and coverage of the STAR Clinic Conference: Ascension 2012: Ancient and New Codes Revealed.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Rosie’s Reading, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Nina Brown Seg. #4, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Music Set #3, Sponsors

In Hour Two,  Aaron Stern – Founder and Director of The Academy for the Love of Learning – providing programs for meaningful change. Aaron is also a composer, performer, educator and former Dean of the American Conservatory of Music and consults with educational, arts, spiritual and social change organizations and communities worldwide. He will highlight upcoming Academy events including, Michael Barnett. Also, we conclude our conversation with luminary and spiritual teacher, Gangaji who returns to discuss her newest book, Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story.

Details Hour Two: Featured Guest:  Seg. #2, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Gangaji Seg. #3, Sponsors, Music Set #4 Singer Songwriter Music, Sponsors.

In Hour Three, we continue our series with Harmonic Mathematician, Randy Masters presenting at the upcoming transformational retreat – “Ascension 2012: Ancient and New Codes Revealed,” happening this October at the Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico. And we have a Rudy’s Rap titled, “Here’s To You, Power Two.”

Details Hour 3: Bulletin Board #2, Featured Guest: Randy Masters Seg. #3, Sponsors, Rudy’s Rap, Music Set # 5, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Preview of next week’s show October 7th, Music Set #6.

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