Dennis Marker, Corporate Feudalism, Middle Class Decline, Arlo & Jackie Guthrie (TRM #1495)

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In Hour One, we have a Rudy Rap titled, “The Power of Three.”

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Rosie’s Reading, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Rudy Rap, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Music Set #3, Sponsors

In Hour Two, Dennis Marker joins us just in time for all this pre-election fabrication: The author of “Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism: How the Rich Convinced America’s Middle Class to Eliminate Themselves: From Ronald Reagan to the Tea Party Movement.”

Former longtime Washington DC consultant, Marker examines the direct and intentional outcome of fifteen separate policies that were advocated starting with the Reagan administration to intentionally deceive and destroy the middle class. Specific policies promoted by conservatives and the super-rich, including the use of fear, anger and greed, promulgating a middle class decline that’s no accident. Marker also reveals that there are fat corporate balance sheets ready to create jobs and prosperity – just not in America. Thankfully, Marker proposes seven comprehensive, bold, visionary solutions to restore America’s formidable democracy and make this country great again.

Details Hour Two: Featured Guest: Dennis Marker Seg. #1, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Dennis Marker Seg. #2, Sponsors, Music Set #4 Singer Songwriter Music, Sponsors.

In Hour Three, we have another segment with Dennis Marker and a Special Tribute music set to Jackie Guthrie, wife and lifelong beloved to Arlo Guthrie who recently exited the 3D world, with his love songs, “You Are The Song,” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Details Hour 3: Bulletin Board #2, Featured Guest: Dennis Marker Seg. #3 & #4 combined, Music Set #6, Sponsors, Special Tribute to Jackie Guthrie Music Set #6, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Preview of next week’s show, Music Set #7.

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