Carnicom Institute, Morgellons, Aerosol Spray aka Chemtrails, Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation,Robert Scheinfeld & Happiness (TRM #1507)

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In Hour One, we have a Spotlight Conversation with Mary Ann Andrews on her free intro evening on hypnotherapy as an effective tool for weight loss and to stop smoking.

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In Hour Two, researchers Clifford Carnicom and Doctor Jim McClure , launch the Carnicom Institute’s 2013 mission and new Santa Fe research center with an overview of health issues little known or publicized, like Morgellons and aerosol atmospheric spraying. The Carnicom Institute is a non-profit health and environmental educational and research organization serving the public welfare. The Carnicom Institute and founder Clifford have an extensive history of research on geo-engineering topics and aerosol research that is now available to the public. Doctor Jim has been treating his patients with direct symptoms from the spray history spanning a decade plus of investigation, scores of papers and hundreds of pages on written on the topic, while basically ignored by the mainstream powers that be.

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In Hour Three, more with Robert Scheinfeld, New York Times bestselling author of numerous books, including “Busting Loose From The Money Game,” was recently a participant in our Transitions Tele-Web seminar series, “Psychology, Spirituality & Money,” (which by the way you can still access and download; the entire series at as well as the prior series, “Bring Me a Higher Love”). Robert returns to discuss his new, no-nonsense book, “The Ultimate Key to Happiness: How To Be Happy All The Time, No Matter What’s Going On Around You.”

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