Transitions Teleseminars:Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt on Making Marriage Simple & Swami Beyondanada, Barb Culbertson & Lymph Decongestion Therapy (#1536)

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In Hour One, we have another segment with Barb Culbertson, Certified Lymph Decongestion Therapist inviting you to be proactive with your health, previewing her upcoming Santa Fe Soul presentation on how lymph decongestion can benefit you and your family.

Also, Bill O’Hanlon invites us to the next Transitions TeleWeb Seminar Series; Divining the Divine in Everyday Life, as he engages Swami Beyondananda in the “Enlightening Round” on the “Seven Deadly Sins” to preview the upcoming TTS Free seminar week, including Steve Bhaerman and Swami on “Using Humor as Your Divining Rod.”

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Barb Culbertson Seg. #2, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Spotlight: Swami Beyondananda, Music Set #3, Sponsors.

In Hour Two, we complete our conversation with Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt on their new book “Making Marriage Simple: 10 Truths for Changing the Relationship You Have into the One You Want.” Harville and Helen participate in the next Transitions TeleWeb Seminar Series, Divining the Divine in Everyday Life, the week of August 19-23.

Details Hour Two: Featured Guest: Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt Seg. #4, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt Seg. #5, Sponsors, Music Set #4 Singer Songwriter Music, Sponsors.

In Hour Three, Rasha offers more insights on Oneness.

Details Hour 3: Bulletin Board #2, Featured Guest: Rasha Seg. #3, Sponsors, Music Set #5, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Preview of next week’s show, Music Set #6

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