Dr. Dan Matthews & Holy O Divine Healing, Anne Salisbury & Greg Meyerhoff on Intuition, Michael Barnett & The Academy for the Love of Learning, Go Solar, Mary Lou Cook, Rudy Rap (1546)

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In Hour One, we have a GoSolar Spotlight with Crystal Gerovac who en-lightens us up with more on energy independence. We  lost Living Treasure and long time Santa Fe visionary last week, Mary Lou Cook , who passed on at the ripe sage age of 95. I had some very sweet and loving interview-conversations with her over the years and I’ll say a few words to honor her new journey to coincide with our opening music.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Opening Reading: Tribute to Mary Lou Cooke, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Spotlight: Go Solar Crystal Gerovac, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Music Set #3, Sponsors.

In Hour Two, Dr. Dan Mathews returns to preview his New Mexico group healing events and private sessions, discussing what it means that “the veils have been lifted.”  We continue our conversation with clairvoyant seer, Anne Salisbury & and her husband, Greg Meyerhoff, internationally known intuitives and award winning authors of the best selling book, “The Path of Intuition.”

Details Hour Two: Featured Guest: Dr. Dan Mathews Seg. #3, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Anne Salisbury & Greg Meyerhoff  Seg. #4, Sponsors, Music Set #4 Singer Songwriter Music, Sponsors.

In Hour Three, acclaimed spiritual teacher and Zen lover, Michael Barnett previewing his upcoming events this week beginning with an introductory evening this Wednesday at The Academy for the Love of Learning followed by his weekend intensive. And Alan has a Rudy Rap to close the show titled: Impermanence & Strangeness.

Details Hour 3: Bulletin Board #2, Featured Guest: Michael Barnett Seg. #3, Sponsors, Music Set #5, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Preview of next week’s show, Music Set #6

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