Dr. Dan Matthews & Holy O Divine Healing, Anne Salisbury & Greg Meyerhoff on Intuition & Channeled group “All That Is;” Michael Barnett & The Academy for the Love of Learning (1545)

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In Hour One, acclaimed spiritual teacher and Zen lover, Michael Barnett returns to preview his October weekend event at The Academy for the Love of Learning titled: “To the Place of Love, Joy & Peace.”

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In Hour Two, Dr. Dan Mathews previews his New Mexico group healing events and private sessions, discussing what it means that “the veils have been lifted.” Dan will also discuss the reawakening of the 8 Holy O Earth aspects of: family, love, life, air, minerals, water, magnetism and fire – so essential to our well being.

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In Hour Three, we continue our conversation with clairvoyant seer, Anne Salisbury & and her husband, Greg Meyerhoff, internationally known intuitives and award winning authors of the best selling book, “The Path of Intuition” preview their New Mexico October enlightening evening events tour. Anne channels a group of spiritual beings called, “All That Is,” and you’re invited to receive the personal to global messages.

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