Luisa Kolker, Psychotherapist, Shamanism, Emotional Trauma Resolution & USJT Conference on Spirituality Mindfulness and Compassion, Santa Fe; Stephen Dinan, Peaceful/Prosperous Future, & Shift Network; Singer Songwriter Bob Sima; Rudy Rap (Show #1688)

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From last week: Summer of Peace presentation, featuring 50+ of the world’s leading peacebuilders — including Jane Goodall, Neale Donald Walsch, Sharon Salzberg, Ocean Robbins and so many more.

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TRM 7/03/16– Show #1688

In Hour One, Alan opens the show with a Rudy Rap on “The Summer of Stuff,” about how to lighten your load. We continue our Spotlight on Bob Sima’s new album of poetry, It’s Time.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Rudy Rap, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Bob Sima Seg. #3, Music Set 2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Music Set 3, Sponsors.

In Hour Two, we continue our coverage of U.S. Journal Training’s 27th Santa Fe Conference themed around, Integrating Spirituality, Mindfulness and Compassion, with keynote presenter, TRM associate and trusted friend, Luisa Kolker. Luisa is a licensed psychotherapist with a full-time, private practice in shamanism and psychotherapy for over twenty-five years. She apprenticed with a master-metaphysician and healer in Spain; one-on-one for five years.and has been trained in Pia Mellody’s family-of-origin emotional trauma resolution model, and has studied numerous earth-based, shamanic traditions.

Details Hour 2: Featured Guest: Luisa Kolker Seg. #1, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Luisa Kolker Seg. #2, Music Set #4, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #2, Music Set #5 Singer Songwriter Music, Sponsors

In Hour Three, Stephen Dinan, CEO of the Shift Network and author of Sacred America Sacred World completes a discussion of his new book and proposes a manifesto for a peaceful and prosperous future.

Details Hour 3: Featured Guest: Stephen Dinan Seg. #5, Music Set #6, Sponsors, Music Set #7, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3, Preview of Next Week’s Show & Show Close, Music Set #8.

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