DAPL, Indigenous Water Protectors & Native American Music; Dr. Shyam, Srikrishna Kashyap, “Little Book of the Self – Jewels in the Crown of Self-Realization,” & Gayatri Patricia Brown; Naturopath Dr. Dennis Kramer & Candida; Rudy’s Rap (Show #1675)

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TRM 10/30/16– Show #1675

Throughout today’s show, we are holding a large space for our native, indigenous friends whose lives are being directly affected by the Dakota Access Pipeline, and in support of the water protectors. Today’s readings and our music program is dedicated to them.

In Hour One, we feature a lot of music from Native American artists. Be sure to check out the poetry and lyrics of the native artists.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Spotlight: Dr. Dennis Kramer, Music Set 3.

In Hour Two, Gayatri Patricia Brown, a licensed clinical psychologist for 45 years, returns for a concluding discussion on the enlightening axioms from the, Little Book of the Self – Jewels in the Crown of Self-Realization, honoring her teacher and co-collaborator, Dr. Shyam, AKA Srikrishna Kashyap.

Details Hour 2: Sponsors, Featured Guest: Gayatri Patricia Brown Seg #5, Sponsors, Featured Guest: Gayatri Patricia Brown Seg #6, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #2, Music Set #4 Singer Songwriter Music

In Hour Three,  we shine another Spotlight on Dr. Dennis Kramer, a Naturopath and respected healing facilitator who has 24 years experience in bioenergetics and energy medicine discussing Candida, the different forms, its effects on the body, and some natural remedies to assist you. And Rudy will Rap on “On Specialness & Adoration: Musings on Love in the Grand Cosmic Nation.”

Details Hour 3: Sponsors, Spotlight: Dr. Dennis Kramer, Music Set #5, Sponsors, Music Set #6, Bulletin Board #3, Preview of Next Week’s Show, Rudy Rap, Music Set #7.

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