Special “Jumping Mouse” Parable Stand Alone and Some Hot, Free Online Presentations

The 08/26/17 Transitions Radio Magazine Blog Post and new audio of “Jumping Mouse” is below these current Free TeleWeb Events. Scroll down to the next green box for today’s TRM show and blog description.

Enjoy our TRM endorsed Free TeleWeb Events: As you may know, your Transitions Radio Magazine team often invites you to different free online events with a variety of experts and presenters in their field. Try: Making the Gods Work for You with Caroline Casey or From Spiritual Struggle to Living in Grace with Miranda Macpherson and/or How Your Deepest Insecurities Reveal Your Greatest Gifts with Ken Page.

Still Reccomended: Liberating the Spiritual Warrior in You with Matthew Fox or Your Luminous Self: Peruvian Shamanic Healing Wisdom for Opening Heart & Expanding Mind with don Oscar Miro-Quesada

QUICK LINKS: In addition to the above current free event offerings, we have a valuable list of other transformational archived free events that you are welcome to explore and download. Just click on this hot link and enjoy! Join our TRM Emailing data base for previews of upcoming Transitions MultiMedia Activities. Just go to TransitionsMultiMedia.com and Join The Love Tribe. Get sneak previews of TRM shows & your hosts activities on Facebook. While there, give us a like!

TRM Blog Post 08/26/17 (Show #1745 in waiting). So, Transitions is in Transition. Until mid-September we will be off of 98.1, Radio Free Santa Fe, KBAC FM terrestrial radio airwaves during this Sabbatical period. What we will return with the second half of September is up to Source, Great Mystery, to unfold for us. Ideas are in process. We would also like your input and assistance. We are seeking out new team members, both adept in needed human resources as well as financial resources to keep things growing in this RADICAL time of great change. You can email Alan Hutner, hosts@comcast.net with any ideas and resources for continued multimedia support.

What we will be posting here are some Transitions Radio Magazine Gem Interviews as well as periodic new conversations and other good awakening content. Below is one of our favorite parables about transition, transformation and transcendence: We are developing a series titled, “Wisdom Stories of Love and Transformation,” with a poignant offering today, titled “Jumping Mouse” by Hyemeyohsts Storm from his book Seven Arrows, recited by Andy Gold, Elizabeth Rose and Alan Hutner, as they all take on various characters and tell a tale of Rebirth. Proudly your TRM team reports that they recently received a blessing directly from Grandfather Hyemeyohsts who gave them full permission to tell the story of “Jumping Mouse” and wished them wonderful success in their story-telling adventure. Listen below.

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