Alan Hutner, Elizabeth Rose & Jon Whitsell, co-hosts, bring a Rosie Reading and a Ruditorial. Mark Nepo and Marianne Williamson help us center. Sita Jamison leads the Shakti Choir. (Show #1749)

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Welcome to Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) show (#1749), the Voices and Music of Presence; as always, presenting resources for change and music for a changing world.

In segment one Rosie brings the opening reading, then segues to the new Krishna Das album. And, a big and as much as we attempt balance, unity and the middle path; as well as staying our of polarized politics here on TRM, the early late night passage of the GOP “railroaded” tax bill, along with other upper class and upper wealthy support systems for the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class, has prickled Alan’s hair. A Rudy Ruditorial results.
In segment two, our featured guest, Mark Nepo, New York Times bestselling author, and an archived gem on his book, “The Way Under the Way.”
In segment three, another gem, so appropriate for the encroaching billionaire control of our government; and what to do, with Marianne Williamson, also a best selling author.

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