Prayers for Miten, “Essential Kundalini Yoga”with Dharm Khalsa, Tracy Grammer new album, AO Music (TRM Show #1765)

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In Segment One, we begin with Rudy’s new feature Where is the Love? Followed by Mitten of Deva Premal and Mitten as he recovers from open heart surgery. As you listen to him, send them both love.
In Segment Two, We join Dharm Khalsa talking about his new book, “Essential Kundalini Yoga” a masterful guide including beautiful illustrated poses with co-author, Karena Virginia. Dharm, a local resident, teacher of this form of yoga for some 38 years is really fun to listen to. Also, our Singer Songwriter Pick for the Week is Tracy Grammer featuring a track “Hole” from her debut solo album “Low Tide.”
In Segment Three,more Dharm Khalsa as well as music from AO Music with “Love Knows the Way” and to run you into the 11th hour, Not Brian Williams but Bruce Cockburn and “Soul Of A Man.”

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