FORMAT SUMMARY: TRANSITIONS RADIO MAGAZINE – TRM blends a varied pacing of special features, guest interviews, cutting-edge information and practical resources with an eclectic mix of contemporary music. Conversations center on topics of social responsibility and include interviews with best-selling authors and other prominent guests as well as lesser-known experts in their fields. Music crosses over typical industry classifications to provide a wide range of vocals and instrumentals, acoustic and electronic styles, from the familiar to the unique.

HOME STATION DETAILSTRM airs on KBAC, The Original Radio Free Santa Fe98.1 FM, broadcasting to central and northern New Mexico. Radio Free Santa Fe is community oriented, addressing an upscale, active and diverse audience. The music mix centers on the best of various categories, including AAA, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Folk and World music.

WEBSITE/BROADCASTTRANSITIONS broadcasts each Sunday’s complete show, 24/7, at our website (, which provides our underwriting sponsors exposure to our new and growing, global audience.

BACKGROUNDTRM and its predecessor show, COSMOSIS (started in February of 1984), were first conceived by creator/producer Alan Hutner. Over the years, the show has become one of the most highly-rated, widely-listened-to specialty radio programs with a large and loyal following in New Mexico. TRM, celebrating 25 years on air during 2009, reflects the ongoing refinements of 2 decades of broadcasting, spanning six stations in New Mexico.

: Tested and proven, the show format is a unique blend of stimulating talk, special features, guest interviews and practical information. TRM has continually been on the leading edge of what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not! And the mix with music is what we call WHOLE-BRAIN RADIO, accessing both left and right brain hemispheres. TRM brings forth topics of social responsibility, alternative lifestyle choices and critical issues relevant to a rapidly changing world. The mix offers conversation in palatable, easy to assimilate bites, bridged with alternating music sets.

Issues and topics covered on TRANSITIONS include:

  • Ecology & The Environment
  • Leading-Edge Perspectives On Science
  • Health & Wellness Alternatives
  • Anthropology & World Culture
  • Relationships & Family
  • Technology & The Arts
  • Personal Growth and Sacred Sexuality
  • UFOs, ET’s and Other Mystical Phenomena
  • New Psychology & Spirituality
  • New Paradigms in Socially-Responsible Business, Politics & Government

Guests have included a variety of notable personalities over the years, from NEW YORK TIMES best-selling authors, top speakers and social satire comedians to world-renowned spiritual leaders, scientists and people who are prominent pioneers in their field. Prior guests include:

Neale Donald Walsh Gregg Braden Leonard Shlain
Michael Lerner Brad Blanton Pat Love
Krishna Das Bhagavan Das Swami Beyondananda
Eliza Gilkyson Harold McCoy Bill Miller
Rebecca Steele Sharon Salzberg Peter Russell
Ralph Steele Peggy O’Mara Stephen Gaskins
Jose Stevens Fred Allen Wolf Eric Kolvig
Lenedra Carroll Julia Butterfly Hill Sondra Ray
Alan Lowen Coleman Barks David Abram
Marilyn Parkin Rabbi Gershon Winkler Mary Youngblood
John Robbins Jim Hightower Daniel Ellsberg
Chellis Glendenning Dr. Bernie Siegel Dr. Larry Dossey
Dr. Gerald Jampolsky Jack Canfield Wayne Dyer
John Bradshaw Leo Buscaglia Dr. Susan Jeffers
Thomas Moore James Redfield Marianne Williamson
Ram Dass Bill Richardson Dick Gregory
Vladimir Posner Micky Hart Yanni
Donovan Matthew Fox Sam Keen
James Nesbitt Dennis Weaver Jeremy Rifkin
Rusty Schweiker Brooke Medicine Eagle Ken Cary
David Deida Amy Goodman Thom Hartmann
William Arntz Kevin Phillips David Franke
Eli Jaxon-Bear Karl Renz Raymon Grace
Kay Cordell Whittaker Deena Metzger James Quilligan
Ma Jaya Yogi Bhajan Arlo Guthrie
Clifford Carnicom Deepak Chopra Stephen & Ondrea Levine
Dr. Andrew Weil Caroline Myss Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Jean Houston John Trudell Andrew Harvey
Sandra Ingerman Wayne Muller Anita Roddick
Malidoma & Sobonfu Some Doreen Virtue Paul Ray & Sherry Anderson
Leslie Temple Thurstan Jean Kilborne Alan Seale
Reshad Field Benjamin Creme Sarah Ruth van Gelder
James Hillman Bill O’Hanlon Alan Cohen
Christine Page Marshall Rosenberg Deena Metzger
Robert Mirabal and numerous others

TRM music crosses over typical industry classifications with an eclectic mix of light rock, AAA, AC, jazz, folk, ambient trance-dance, New Age and indigenous-based world music, paced to vary from mellow to upbeat, and always empowering! A sampling of artists includes:

Angelique Kidjo Kirtana Joan Osborne 10,000 Maniacs
Operatica Chris Rosser Lili Hayden Kenny Loggins
RASA Arlo Guthrie Kate Wolf Rod Stewart
Judy Mowatt Tracy Chapman Shawn Colvin Vangelis
Jimmy Cliff Ottmar Leibert Dougie MacLean Indigo Girls
Norah Jones Bruce Cockburn Peter Kater Jennifer Warnes
Incendio David Wilcox R Carlos Nakai Alan Parsons
Cowboy Junkies Walela Mark Knopfler Krishna Das
Santana Mike Oldfield Sarah McLachlin Emer Kenny
Tom Petty Peter Gabriel Chuck Brodsky Robert Mirabal
Bonnie Rait Chris Spheeris Yothu Yindi Matthew Andre
Keb Mo Mary Black Deep Forrest Cybertribe
David Wilcox Allison Krauss Afro-Celt Ismael Lo
Cheryl Wheeler Eagles Sound System Sundays
Cranberries Leonard Cohen Jon Anderson Jewel
Sinead Lohan Joan Baez Runrig Natalie Merchant
John Mayer Dead Can Dance Prem Joshua David & Diane Arkenstone
Rickie Lee Jones Jai Uttal Deuter Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole
Josh Joplin Robbie Robertson Laura Love Dolly Parton
Joshua Bell Donovan Paul McCartney Dixie Chicks
Altan Eliza Gilkyson George Harrison Lucinda Williams
WAH Chris Williamson Fleetwood Mac Richard Shindell
Sara Hickman Nickle Creek Iris DeMent Johnny Cash
Terrence Martin Bruce Springsteen Moby John Trudell
Willie Nelson Bill Miller Patrick O’Hearn Jimmy LaFave
Susan Tedeschi Joanne Shenandoah Enigma Erik Balkey
Azam Ali James Asher Neil Young Peter Gabriel
David Grey Paul Winter Shadowfax Capercaille
The Wallflowers Kitaro Van Morrison M-Path
Sheryl Crow Bob Marley Yanni The Jayhawks
Guster Buffy St. Marie Paul Simon Mary Gauthier
EastMountain The Neville Pat Metheny Eva Cassidy
South Brothers Enya Tony Furtado
Jeff Talmadge Tangerine Dream U2 Chris Smither
Eric Bibb Kashtin Annie Lennox John Prine
Dar Williams Bob Dylan Big Mountain Kate Campbell
Ani Difranco Patty Larkin Loreena McKennit Emmy Lou Harris
Bare Naked Ladies Sinead O’Conner Soulfood Mike Oldfield
Ferron Hassan Hakmoun Nanci Griffith Chinmaya Dunster
Dave Mason Suzanne Vega Eve Goldberg Patty Griffin
Farzad Vieux Djop Jenny Bird Capercaille
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer Michael Franti
& Spearhead
and many more

THE AUDIENCE: The audience demographic/psychographic spans ages 25 – 74, with a core of 35 – 64. Our listeners are well-educated and professionally diverse with above-average incomes. They are concerned about health, the environment, social issues and are dedicated to supporting a positive, sustainable world community. For the most part, they are not interested in formulated, cliched radio (and TV) and are looking for warmth and authenticity in media/entertainment realms. Researcher Paul Ray calls them the “Cultural Creatives” – 55 million U.S. adults bridging “left and right” with a new set of balanced lifestyles and values. They are disenchanted with a world of struggle and conflict and are waking up, taking charge of their lives and making their/our world a better place. Some openly acknowledge their new paradigm leanings while others more cautiously explore this growing, sometimes controversial, phenomenon in the safety of their own homes. They are thoughtful, responsible people who are successful, or want to be so. Their health, well-being, personal growth and desire to have a positive influence in the world around them are the major motivating factors in their lives. They may be active in social causes or seek to become so. They enjoy socially relevant humor and quality entertainment and, while community oriented, generally maintain a global perspective.


“. . . It makes getting up on Sunday mornings a worthwhile adventure, an adventure I’ve been having regularly since the program’s inception.”

“. . . As a consistent listener…I want to share my appreciation for the quality and integrity of your production.”

“. . . We have advertised in local papers but the large majority of our customers express that they heard about the store on your show.”

“. . . The organization of the entire show appeals to one’s innate intelligence.”

“. . . I hear about things I need for bettering my life, things I find practical and useful and fun, things I actually pursue acquiring.”

“. . . I like Alan’s easy-going yet intelligent approach to interviewing and always look forward to the show…a Sunday morning treat!”

“. . . Alan’s ability to get to the core beliefs of his guest is outstanding.”

“. . . Great sense of humor . . . even while addressing serious issues.”

“. . . There’s reason why Alan Hutner has such an extensive and loyal audience . . . he leaves them stimulated, motivated, stretched, amused and enriched.”

“. . . Most enjoyable is the warmth of the hosts, Alan and Elizabeth. Their Heart is so inclusive that I feel I am at a family reunion every Sunday!

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