Here’s some humorous, unique gallery content: In April of 2009, our host, Alan Hutner, attended his fiftieth high school reunion (yes he looks younger then his chronological age!). As Alan says, “a chosen few members of his Neshaminy High School graduating class of ’59 (sober enough at their cocktail party), agreed to answer four of his questions for Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM). Others refused to come to the mike.” Of those, most were excused out of shyness and his compassionate understanding of the aging process (we seem to take less risks): However, Alan relates, “In spite of their popularity fifty plus or minus years ago and continuing today, Peggy Flanigan and Bob Foster, who would have been fun to talk with, refused.” Alan speculates that, “They must have been cued ahead of time by someone else, regarding the ‘challenging nature’ of these four questions.” He says, “They ignored my repeated requests and thus, get roasted here as well as on the NHS Special radio program,” which is now available on our site. Note that twenty-six people were interviewed; most of the answers were collaged, without name, to protect the innocent (or guilty).

Try and match the facial expressions, in this photo gallery, with the questions below. Of course we are always ready to receive your feedback. If you like, we will post more photos. Let us know.

Succinctly put, the questions where:
1) What was your most significant personal accomplishment since graduation?
2) What have you contributed towards a better world in that time?
3) Given our aging, what would you like to do before your body demise (aka “The Bucket List”)
4) And what I describe as “The Curve Ball;” What do you remember as your most significant high school sexual fantasy.

A special thanks and credit to my Associate Producer and Photographer on this project: Rita Wagner



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