Health Care ReformHere is a list of resources to find out the truth about proposed health care reform. One of the best things you can do to support the changes you want to see is to contact your congressman and let them know what you think. Websites and contact info for our 2 senators and congressman are included.

Setting the Record Straight – Organizing for America, part of the Democratic National Committee, sets the record straight on the truth about health care reform legislation.

Health Care Reform: A Simple is a Pulitzer Prize winning project of the St. Petersburg Times to help you find the truth in American politics. This link explains what is in the health care reform bills, what is controversial, and what we don’t know.

Health Care for America NOW! – is a national grassroots campaign of more than 1,000 organizations in 46 states representing 30 million people dedicated to winning quality, affordable health care now.

Please Cut the Crap! – on the right side of the home page is a link to a page that deconstructs the lies the right wing are promoting to mislead the public as far as what is in the House bill and what is not, all on one page!

Senator Jeff Bingaman – our senior senator. He is one of the “Gang of Six” senators on the Senate Finance Committee who have tremendous influence of the Senate version of the health care reform bill. Contact Link

Senator Tom Udall – our first term senator and former congressman. Contact Link

Representative Ben Ray Lujan – our freshman congressman. He is a passionate advocate for a pubic option. Contact Link

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