John E. Wade II is an author, investor, philanthropist
and founder of the non-profit organization “Soldiers of Love.” John’s extensive travels, including visits to China, India, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Jordan and Brazil, inspired him to collect essays published in his recently released book, How To Achieve a Heaven on Earth: 101 Insightful Essays From The World’s Greatest Thinkers, Leaders and Writers. And Levi is one of those Heaven on Earth plethoric contributors. The book includes essays from some of today’s most notable thinkers, leaders, artists, and writers focusing on the large problems of society as well as the little challenges people face every day. It is an impressive cross section of perspectives from liberals and conservatives, religious and secular, and old and young, all to inspire us to consider how we can make our own contributions to a better world. Alan and Levi engage John on the book through the ten elements he believes are essential to achieving a Heaven on Earth.


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