Ohki Siminé Forest is a vision-holder and spiritual teacher of Canadian Mohawk descent who has lived in Chiapas, Mexico since 1986 where she works with the impoverished Maya people. Trained and initiated by Maya, Mongolian and Canadian shamans, Ohki has taught a unified practice of ancient Native Medicine Wheel ways for over 25 years. Her transformative seminars include guided meditations, journeys, drumming, breathing and movement practices. She shows how to walk your path as a True Human, teaches how to use the Medicine Wheel as a map of understanding, and provides guidance in the spirit world.
The interview/conversation centers on retrieving Maya traditions, locally in Chiapas, as well as how these times call us to all live closer to nature and mother earth. Discussion includes engaging the “tipping point” and crisis’ moving into uncharted territory, heading into new cycles: Including the opportunity for changing frequency and consciousness from fear based, terror tactics to love and harmony.


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