Robin Lim is a midwife, peace activist, Limmother of seven and founder of the Balinese natural birth center and clinic Bumi Sehat, the Healthy Earth Mother Foundation in Bali as well as the Bumi Sehat Clinic in the tsunami hit area of Aceh. Bumi Sehat also served the families of Haiti after the devastating earthquake. The two Bumi Sehat clinics run on a donation basis and provide over 17,000 health consultations for both children and adults per year as well as Midwifery services to ensuring gentle births for approximately 600 new babies born into the world each year.

She is a legend in the world of women’s maternity health and an avid proponent of gentle natural birthing and the right of all women to have better nutrition, and a higher level of prenatal and maternity care.

Robin is also the subject of the award winning documentary Guerrilla Midwife a culturally mesmerizing, heart-wrenching documentary, that urges all to understand why we must reinvent our protocols for pregnancy and childbirth in order to preserve our Planet’s Humanity.

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