Wayne Muller is a therapist, minister, public speaker and bestselling author of several books, including Sabbath. He has consulted with numerous community organizations, educational institutions and healthcare corporations, and founded Bread for the Journey – a network of ordinary people who engage in grassroots, neighborhood philanthropy. A graduate of the Harvard Divinity School, Wayne invites us to learn together how to find nourishment and delight in our lives as they unfold in new, often unexpected directions. Wayne is now working with individuals and small groups as a private mentor and spiritual director, helping those facing change or transition in their life or work, and helping clarify their inner sense of meaning and purpose. He discusses his new book, A Life of Being, Having and Doing Enough, with Alan and Levi. Wayne offers some potent healing for those of us perpetually stressed by our obsessive, compulsive, materialistic culture which promotes the pursuit of money and success over authentic peace and happiness.


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