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Mayan Calendar

Finding Treasure in the Shadow 

The Plant Medicine Summit

Dancing with Your Feminine Fire

Discover the Art of Face Reading

7 Keys to Awakening Your Kundalini

Writing to Discover Your True Gifts

The 7 Keys to Manifesting Through Your Chakras

Keys to Herbal Healing

The Keys to Finally, Truly Loving Yourself: Discover Inner Bonding Practices for Self Love, Authentic Relationships & Deep Healing

Freedom from Anger, Fear & Separateness: How to Transform Suffering & Befriend Your Difficult Emotions with Ram Das.

Unleash Your Soul Purpose

The Power of Kitchen Medicine

Gods in Every Woman (and Man)

The New Human Story: Awakening Your Evolutionary Potential for Self-healing, Longevity & Super-perception

Discovering the Zodiac in You

Intuitive Healing Through Your Crown Chakra

Tap into Your Full Vitality with Energy Medicine

Medicinal Plants for Your Protection

Shamanic Journeying to Meet Your Spirit Teachers

How to Feel at Home in Your Body

The Enneagram of the Virtues 

“The Healing Potential of Archetypal Astrology”

“Vision 2020 Summit,”

“How to Heal Through Past Life Exploration”

“Discovering Dream Yoga”

“The Medicine of Ayni”

“Discover the Power of Celestial Plant Medicine,”

“The Rise of the Fierce Feminine.”

Shamanic Journeying to the Other Side

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Infinite Mind

Reclaiming Your Body’s Innate Guidance System

Is Archetypal Astrology the Rosetta Stone of the Human Psyche?

Discovering the Secrets to Accelerating Your Evolution

The Power of Voice Dialogue with Tim Kelley

Tapping Your Way to Optimal Health with Dawson Church

From Spiritual Struggle to Living in Grace

Making the Gods Work for You

How Your Deepest Insecurities Reveal Your Greatest Gifts

Liberating the Spiritual Warrior in You with 

Your Luminous Self: Peruvian Shamanic Healing Wisdom for Opening Heart & Expanding Mind

Awakening Your Yogic Heart: The Doorway to Love & Bliss

The Wheels of Life Chakra Workshop

The Psychology of True Happiness Summit 2017

Discovering the Sufi Way of the Beloved with Andrew Harvey

Discovering Your Soul Voice: Open Your 3 Major Centers to Your Authentic, Free Expression

Opening to Aloha

Enneagram Keys to Your Spiritual Evolution, 3 Keys to Deepen Your Reiki Practice

How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Health & Spiritual Growth, Also, Transforming Your Inner Critic with Tim Kelley

The Mysteries of Past Life Exploration with Dr. Linda Backman

Energy Secrets of Healing, Abundance & Intuitive Guidance

Be happier & healthier thru ‘soul remembering’ Discovering dream journeying for a self-empowered future.

Shamanic Journeying for Collective Healing

Discover Your Soul Type; Landing in Love After Falling From Grace;

The Next Level of Using Essential Oils for Healing.

The Enneagram Global Summit

The 5 Qigong Steps for a Happy Heart

The Christ Path

How to Connect Directly With the Divine: Mystical Principles & Practices to Access the Love, Wisdom and Sacred Energies of the Universe

How to Heal & Awaken Through Writing

“Receiving the Gifts of the Goddesses”

“Accessing Nature’s Healing Pharmacy”

The 3 Keys to Shamanic Healing: Ancient Medicine Tools for Soul Healing, Energy Cleansing, Diagnosis & Protection

3 Keys to Awaken Your Heart’s Intelligence: How to Increase Happiness, Reduce Stress & Tune Into the Wisdom of Your Heart.

“Tap into Your Full Vitality with Energy Medicine: Simple Practices to Keep You Healthy and Thriving”

“Healing & Awakening Through Past Life Exploration.”

The Enneagram of the Virtues Advanced Teachings: Caring for Your Soul by Integrating the Holy Ideas With Your Basic Instincts

Medicinal Plants & Spiritual Evolution with David Crow ,

The Ayurvedic Use of Essential Oils for Healing with David Crow.

Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition with Robert Moss

Shamanic Wisdom for Finding the Gold in Your Golden Years with Tom Pinkson

The Christ Path with Andrew Harvey.

The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit

Blessed by Grandmother’s Wisdom: Sacred Prayer & Opening to the Mayan Teachings —the Spirit of the Feminine

Relaxing into Aging: How to Befriend the Changes With Humor, Grace & Lightness of Being

Rising Trickster Renaissance

“The Power of Evolutionary Love” with Andrew Harvey

The Spiritual Opportunity of Our Political Moment: 4 Keys to Transforming Your Angst Into Awakening, Wholeness & Power

The Plant Medicine Summit with 25 plus medicinal plant experts

3 Enneagram Paths to the Sacred; Activate the Transformative Power of Your Type.

Transforming Aging Summit

Summon Your Warrior Goddess.

“Journey of Soul Recovery,”

“Navigating Uncertain Times with Yogic Meditation: Foundational Practices for True Resilience, Wholeness & Wellbeing”

“Intuition 2.0: 5 Steps to Expand Your Guidance & Confidently Fulfill Your Purpose;”

“The Enneagram of Freedom” a highly imaginative and entrancing way to liberation.”

“Become a Shamanic Navigator of Light: Exploring Bardos, Cosmic Contracts & Soul Pods”

“The Way of the Heart in Kabbalah: Finding Courage & Harmony Through Healing the Energies of Life”

“Healing With Charge”

“Goddesses in Every Woman”

“Turning Anguish into Opportunity”

“Powerful Magic for Dangerous Times: How to Be a Citizen Trickster to Liberate Yourself & Our World,”

The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying

The Shamanic Power of Active Dreaming.

“The Feminine Wake-Up Call”

“The Enneagram of the Virtues

“The Spiritual Intelligence of Your Emotions”

“Awakening the 3 Fields of Shamanic Power”

“Medicinal Plants for Protection”

“Shift Leadership Roundtable”

“The Next Level of Spiritual Practice”

“Unveiling Your Oversoul”

“Discovering the Way of Kabbalah”

“Discovering the Way of the Psychonaut”

“Enlightened Business Summit”

“What the Bleep is Going On”

“Supercharge Your Chakra Practice.”

“The Next Level of Spiritual Practice”

“Unveiling Your Oversoul”

“Discovering the Way of Kabbalah”

“Discovering the Way of the Psychonaut”

“Enlightened Business Summit”

“What the Bleep is Going On”

“Supercharge Your Chakra Practice”

“Opening to Boundless Love: How to Live in Unity Through the Practice of Unconditional Acceptance”

“Heaven on Earth Summit”

“Qigong for Abundant Energy & Vibrant Health”

“4 Secrets to Creating Healing with the Hakomi Method.”

“Discovering the Mystical Heart of Judaism, Christianity & Islam”

“Discovering the Power of Shamanic Communication”

“Holy Sit: 4 No-nonsense Practices for Finding Inner Peace & Compassion in a Chaotic World”

“Dancing in Rumi’s Footsteps: How His Poetry & Wisdom Can Liberate Your Soul’s Passion & Heart’s Ecstasy”

“The Experiential Enneagram”

Navigating Turbulent Times Using Your Heart’s Intelligence: Break Through to Positive Emotions, Optimal Wellbeing & Deeper Intuitive Guidance.

“The Biggest Secret to Empowering the Children in your Life: How to Shape Beliefs for Happy, Conscious, Confident Kids”

“The Transformational Author Summit, and Advanced Teachings for Fully Loving Yourself”

“Advanced Practices for Awakening Your Shakti”

“Getting Your Wounds Out of Your Way: How to Heal Your Deepest Patterns & Liberate Your Purpose”

“Shamanic Journeying to the Other Side”

“The Five Essential Insights For Finding True Love: How to Attract and Cultivate Soulmate Love Through the Path of Deeper Dating”

“Freeing Your Writing Voice: 3 Keys to Reclaiming the Joy & Magic in Your Words”

“Bridging Partisan Divides: 4 Keys to Reuniting Our Families, Communities & Country”

“The Power of Working With Group Subtle Fields: Leading-edge Practices for Alignment, Healing & Positive Impact”

“The Power of Working With Group Subtle Fields: Leading-edge Practices for Alignment, Healing & Positive Impact”

“Royal Hummingbird Medicine” 

“Unlocking Your Energy Codes”

“The Next Level of Using Essential Oils for Healing: Harness the Power of Specific Remedies from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine & Modern Aromatherapy.”

“Discovering the Psychology of the Future: New Approaches for Self-exploration & Healing”

“Rediscovering the Buddha & Jesus” “American Citizens Summit,”

“6 Secrets to Fully Loving Yourself: How to Find Your True Self-worth, Heal Spiritually & Live in Joy”

“Using the Power of Your Consciousness for Healing” with Doctor Marilyn Schlitz”

“Deepening Your Journey of Yogic Meditation: Practices for Realizing Your True Health, Wholeness & Optimal Wellbeing”

Seven Foundational Teachings of Yoga from the Himalayas: Full-spectrum Practices for a Life of Harmony, Peace & Freedom.”

“The Shakti Summit a guide for awakening the power of your sacred, life force — your Shakti Power.”

How Medicinal Plants Can Transform Your Life’s Journey: Discovering the Power of Herbs for Health, Aging & Spiritual Awakening.”

“Summer of Peace”

“Answering the Prophetic Call of Feminine Mysticism: How to Become an Embodied, Connected and Untamed Voice of the Divine,”

“Three Keys to Unlock the Power of the Enneagram in Your Life: Understanding Your Personality, Awakening Your Soul.”

“Activating Your Happiness Genes: How Energy Psychology & Epigenetics Can Empower Your Health & Wellbeing”

“Shifting Your Beliefs: 4 Keys to Clearing What’s in the Way of the Life You Desire”

“Shamanic Journeying for Community Healing: How Shamanic Practices can Heal Families, Communities & Nations

“The 7 Pillars of Awakening: A Feminine Approach to Spiritual Liberation through Ego Relaxation”

“The Enneagram Global Summit”

“Creativity Unzipped: 7 Steps to Activate Your Spiritual Intelligence & Express Yourself More Creatively”

“Opening to Christ Consciousness: Rediscovering the Power of Christian Mysticism to Live a Divinely Human Life.”

“Mindfulness for Healing: Transform Your Experience of Stress, Illness & Pain for Greater Comfort, Ease & Joy”

“Shamanic Practices to Change Your Reality: The Art of Shapeshifting for Personal Power & Co-Creating Real Social Change”

“Inspiring Women with Soul”

“Ayurvedic Use of Essential Oils for Healing”

“The Heart & Soul of Color.”

“Earth Day Summit” with 15 presenters inviting you to Create a Thriving Planet”

“Waking Up and Dropping Down: How to Liberate Your Spirit and Incarnate Your Soul”

“Tap into Your Full Vitality with Energy Medicine: Simple Practices to Keep You Healthy & Thriving!”

“Transforming Stress & Disease Through Qigong: How to Release Old Blockages & Heal Your Body, Mind & Emotions.”

“Karma talk: An April Fool’s Day Cosmic Comedy Special”

Freeing Your Soul Through Writing: Seven Essential Steps to a Truly Transformative Practice:”

“Trickster Medicine and Astrological Magic: Becoming an Agent for Liberation & a Co-operator with Nature’s Genius.”

“Quantum Dreaming and the Secrets of Time Travel: Where Shamanism and the New Science Meet in the Multidimensional Universe”

“The Feminine Mystic Unveiled: Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved”

“The Plant Medicine Summit”

“Shapeshifting into a New Narrative: Combining the Power of Shamanism and Coaching to Rescript Your Life”

“Entering Into the Chrysalis”

“The Transforming Aging Summit”

“The Secrets of Mystical Christianity: Opening to Your Next Level of Divine Embodiment

“Enneagram for Awakening: Balancing Instinctual Drives in Your Soul’s Evolution”

“The Body Intelligence Summit”

“The Heart of Your Heart: Opening the Gateway to Grace, Beauty & Power through Your Heart Intelligence”

“The HeartMath Solution Breakthrough”

“Powering Up Your Charge: The Vital Key to Healing & Awakening Your Life Force “

“Goddesses in Everywoman,”

What The Heck Is Going On, with free short preview (scroll down after clicking this link)

“Opening to Boundless Love: The Power of God Consciousness & Embracing the Divine in Everything”

“Trickster Medicine: Liberating ourselves to liberate the World”

“Birthing Your Best Year Yet: Drawing Upon the Great Mother for Creative Manifestation”

“Winter Of Wellness”

“How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Health & Spiritual Growth in 2016: Essential Insights for

Detoxification, Rejuvenation & Purification.”

“Winter Solstice Wisdom Circle

“The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying”

“The Shift Leadership Roundtable: A Workshop to Take Your Soul’s Mission to the Next Level”

“Embracing Your Body with Love: Healing the Split between Body and Soul in Kabala, Alchemy and Mystical Christianity”

“The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying”

“The Shift Leadership Roundtable: A Workshop to Take Your Soul’s Mission to the Next Level”

“Embracing Your Body with Love: Healing the Split between Body and Soul in Kabala, Alchemy and Mystical Christianity”

“The Shamanic Power of Active Dreaming: Opening to Multidimensional Realities for Time Travel, Healing, and Reality Creation”

The Best Is Yet To Be” A 19 Volume Video Library

“The Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit: Walking a Path of Healing and Sacred Action” 

“The Power of Embodied Shamanic Coaching: Essential Practices for Integrating Ancient Wisdom into Your Life”

“The 3 Essentials of Authentic Marketing: Joyfully Building Your Visibility By Serving Your Audience With Love

“Wheels of Life Chakra Seminar”

“The Heaven on Earth Summit”

“Healing Your Body, Mind and Emotions through Qigong: Open Your Energy Channels to Live with More Vitality, Wisdom and Love.”

Making the Shift to Purposeful Marketing: How You Can Increase Your Revenue AND Impact with the Right Messaging to the Right Audience.

The 4 Essential Spiritual Initiations: How Shamanic, Tantric, Transcendental & Activist Practices Can Birth the Divine Human“The Alchemy of Loss: Transforming Heartbreak into Healing”

“Discovering the Queen’s Code: How to Honor Yourself and Transform the Way You Relate to Men”

“The Enneagram for Healing Practitioners: Co-Creating Your Client Relationships in a New Light”

“The Hakomi Global Summit”

“The Next Level of Meditation: Opening to Higher States of Awakening, Light, and Inner Awareness,”

Letting Go of the Spiritual Struggle: Discovering the Fourfold Way of Grace.

“Discovering Your True Colors: Unveil Your Essence and Natural Beauty Through Your Personal Color Palette.

Transforming Stress & Disease Through Qigong: How to Release Old Blockages & Heal Your Body, Mind & Emotions.

Barbara Marx Hubbard with: “Ecstatic Co-creation: How to Go Beyond Solo Practice into Joining Genius for Planetary Evolution”

“Activating the Mystic Christ Within You: An Initiation into Deeper Love, Spiritual Power and the Blessings of Light.”

“Beyond Startup Overwhelm: How to Artfully Navigate the Demands of your New Transformational Business.”

“Writing to Heal Your Shadows: The Power of Uncovering Your Hidden Truths.”

Advanced Teachings for Truly Loving Yourself: Deepening Unconditional Love & Self-Worth Through Inner Bonding.”

“Reclaiming the Power of Ecstasy as a Feminine Mystic: What St. Teresa & the Poet Mirabai Can Teach Us About Living a Sacred Life.

“Shamanism Global Summit: Practical Wisdom to Access Guidance, Healing & Power for Sacred Living,”

Light of the Incas: Awakening Your Luminous Body for Healing and Guidance”

Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition: An Initiation into Healing, Wisdom & Human Survival”

“Natural Rhythms in a Stressful World: How to Use Vinyasa Yoga Principles for Enhancing Your Energy”

“Shakti Summit” “Yoga Day Summit”

“The Summer of Peace”

“How Medicinal Plants Can Transform Your Life’s Journey: Discovering the Power of Herbs for Health, Aging & Spiritual Awakening”

“The 3 Keys to Raising Your Frequency: 21st Century Practices for Activating Your Heart and Embodying Your Highest Potential”

“The Enneagram Global Summit”

“The Secrets to Living Your Soul’s Mission: Crossing the Threshold to Living a Life on Purpose”

“Inspiring Women Summit, “Becoming an Inspiring Woman: How to Design Your Life in a More Fulfilling, Feminine Way”

“The 7 Secrets of Dreaming While Awake: How to Bring Gifts from Other Realities to Your Everyday Life”

“From Judgment to Self-Love: How to End the Inner Struggle and Deeply Value Your Full Self,”

“The Politics of Love & Justice Summit,”

“The Power of Myth to Create a New Millennium: How Art, Ritual & Story Can Heal Our World”

“Condor Medicine: Shamanic Magic from the Spirit World for Healing”

“The Secret Wisdom of the Transfiguration Process: Igniting the Christ in You”

“The Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit: 8 PATHWAYS TO SMART AND EFFORTLESS TRAVEL”

Global Wisdom Summit

“Inspiring Women Summit”

“Landing in Grace: A Feminine Approach to Non-Dual Realization”

“Earth Day Summit”

“The Five Steps To Higher Guidance

“3 Keys to Raising Happy, Conscious Happy Children,”

“Global Wisdom Summit”

” Embraced by the Evolutionary Goddess: Awakening Your Sacred Powers to Transform Yourself and the World”

“The 3 Keys to Deeper Dating”

“Four Keys to Freeing Your Soul Through Writing ~ The Foundations of a Truly Transformative Practice .

“Incarnating the Beloved: Becoming a Source of the Love you Seek”

“3 Keys to Awaken Your Heart’s Intelligence”

“Transforming Aging”

“The Body Intelligence Summit.”

“Rediscovering the Christ Path: How to Embody Sacred Love in Action”

“Shamanic Journeying”

“Transforming the Psyche: 4 Keys to Working Effectively with Your Clients’.”

“Rising Women, Rising World”

“Winter of Wellness”

“The Art of Feminine Alchemy”

“Authentic Awakening in Action: The Foundations of a 21st Century Transformational Practice in Work, Love & Life.”

“The Conscious Evolutionary 2.0: How to Ride the Edge of Evolution into Your Full Potential.”

“Pioneering the Next Stage of Human Evolution”

“Natural Realization: Peacefully Resolving the Tension Between Freedom and Daily Responsibility”

“The 7 Initiations of a Great Peacemaker”

“Beyond Personal Awakening: How Mutual Awakening Activates New Potentials of Profound Intimacy, Creativity and Expanded Consciousness”

“Turning Your Holidays into Holy Days Through the Sacred Power of Prayer”

“Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit”

The Sacred Startup Program

Rethinking Trauma

“The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying: How to Access Inner Guidance from Helping Spirits,”

“Your Optimal Diet”

“The Divine Ordinariness of St Teresa of Avila: What you Can Learn from the West’s Most Provocative, Practical and Ecstatic Mystic.”

The 6 Foundations for Building an Enlightened Business: Discover What Every Conscious Entrepreneur Needs to Know

“The Leading Edge of New Thought Teachings: How to Know God and Create Heaven on Earth.”

“The Power of Spiritual Peacemaking: 4 Keys to Transforming Conflict and Karma in Your Life.”

“Age Nation Global Summit”

“Enlightened Business Summit,

“Shamanic Dreaming for Healing Your Life: Accessing Heart Wisdom Through Your Dreams”

“Becoming a Divine Human: How to Access the 4 Initiatory Streams and Experience the Next Stage of Evolution”

Manifesting a Dream Through Your Chakras: An Integrated Approach to Successful Creation

Women’s Wealth Revolution

“Transforming Your Inner Critic: How to turn your greatest internal enemy into an Ally”

Approaching the Enneagram in a Multidimensional Way: Integrating the Spiritual & the Practical Dimensions of Yourself,”

Manifesting in a Feminine Way: 4 Keys to Living Your Soul’s Calling

“Mindfullness Training”

“Landing in Grace: A Feminine Approach to Non-Dual Realization”

“The Emergence Of The Co-creator In You”

“Deeper Dating: How to Turn Your Search for Love into a Path of Transformation,”

Kissed by the Goddess of Bliss: Reclaiming the Subtle Eros of Life Through the Hindu Goddess Lalita,”

“The Future of Yoga, Evolving Your Practice, Changing Our World”

“Navigating Your Inner Matrix: 3 Keys to Harness Your Spiritual Power & Optimize Your Experience of Life.”

The Power of Active Dreaming: How to Use Dreamtime for Healing & Transformation

Where Have All The Dragons Gone & Soul Agreements

The Shakti Summit

“Discovering the Genie in Your Genes”

The Love Transmission: A Virtual Ignition of Your Heart

Liberating the Power of Love: 4 Secrets to Creating Extraordinary Relationships
Summer of Peace

The Enneagram Global Summit

2014 Inspiring Women Summit

Living Christ Consciousness

Harnessing the Power of Dreamshifting

Igniting the Power of Courage: 4 Steps for Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Advanced Principles & Practices for an Authentically Awakened Life

Entering the State of Flow

Spring Of Sustainability Summit

Entering the Chrysalis: How to Release Your Old Story and Grow Wings to Fly

Swami Bhaerman and Swami Beyondananda’s “Upwising Course

The Peace Imperative in Your Life & the World

How to Use Writing to Heal: Embracing the Blessing in the Wound

3 Keys to Awakening Your Breath

Parenting With Presence

Plugging into Body Intelligence ~ How to Access More Vitality and Embodied Joy

3 Keys to Awaken Your Heart’s Intelligence

Reuniting with the Beloved as a Feminine Mystic ~ Longing as a Doorway to the Divine

Creating From Higher Guidance

Body Intelligence Summit

From Magical Thinking to Masterful Manifestation: How to Create Real Results

Self-Care Revolution

The Next Stage of Human Evolution ~ Evolving from Me to We to a New Whole

Making Mindfulness Work


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