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Christmas Eve Day Special -Winter Solstice-What Would Jesus Do?-“The Grinch Revisited”- A Rudy Rap-Santa Claus and His Old Lady & More (#1752)

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Welcome to the Christmas Eve Day Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) show (#1752), the Voices and Music of Presence; as always, presenting resources for change and music for a changing world.

In segment one, Rosie’s reading lights the way through the Winter Solstice. We get some help along the way wondering,  “What Would Jesus Do?” courtesy of Consuelo Luz. The Movers, The Shakers, and the Peacemakers take us on a Kahuna journey to the depths.
In segment two, the Grinch gets RE-visited by Alan. The TRM Team offers up inspirations to breath in. We get a “Helping Hand” from Chris Chickering, while Darryl Purpose invites us to dine with “The Christians and the Pagans.” Did you know “Happy Christmas The War is Over” a John and Yoko cover?
In segment three, there’s more music as Rudy Raps over “Silent Grace,” followed by “Love of Christmas.” And, we’ll be Living Together, holding ” Hands” under the mistletoe having “Christmas in the Ashram.” Cheech & Chong introduce us to their neighbors, “Santa Claus and his Old Lady” before they got kicked out of the Projects for making too much noise.