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Prayers for Miten, “Essential Kundalini Yoga”with Dharm Khalsa, Tracy Grammer new album, AO Music (TRM Show #1765)

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In Segment One, we begin with Rudy’s new feature Where is the Love? Followed by Mitten of Deva Premal and Mitten as he recovers from open heart surgery. As you listen to him, send them both love.
In Segment Two, We join Dharm Khalsa talking about his new book, “Essential Kundalini Yoga” a masterful guide including beautiful illustrated poses with co-author, Karena Virginia. Dharm, a local resident, teacher of this form of yoga for some 38 years is really fun to listen to. Also, our Singer Songwriter Pick for the Week is Tracy Grammer featuring a track “Hole” from her debut solo album “Low Tide.”
In Segment Three,more Dharm Khalsa as well as music from AO Music with “Love Knows the Way” and to run you into the 11th hour, Not Brian Williams but Bruce Cockburn and “Soul Of A Man.”

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Two hour 34th Anniversary Show Featuring Joan Baez and Ram Dass (TRM #1759)

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Welcome to Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) show (#1759), the Voices and Music of Presence; as always, presenting resources for change and music for a changing world. Thank you for meeting up with us again.

In segment one, To celebrate this anniversary show, a Rosie’s reading casts a spell accented by the Vangelis track “Heaven and Hell” …which began everything back in February of 1984 launching our broadcast of what was then called Cosmosis. We segue into “Prayer to Rudra” from Krishna Das, an example of some of the earlier visionary chanting…back when. Then on to Music from a Painted Cave a breakaway album for Robert Mirabal. Here we feature “The Dance.”
In segment two, Jon and Alan invite you to the Bee Corps concert, as well as, launching a new feature, “Jon’s Journey” this one on how he came to Santa Fe and his first Cosmosis. That bridges to segment two and out of the ‘80s in ‘90s with some calypso from David Rudder. Ken Yavit joined us as Folk Music Director in 2003. He joins us to look back at “God’s Poet Now” from Erik Balkey and Infamous Angel Iris DeMent wants to “Let The Mystery Be.” God’s Poet is Dave Carter and Ken has resurrected Dave, along with wife Tracey Grammer, singing “The Mountain.”
In segment three, we feature gem archived interviews with Ram Dass and Joan Baez. Ram Dass also puts on a far out rant to music, titled “Spacesuit for Earth.”  Joan Baez lays it all out in “Diamonds and Rust.”                                                                                                                                                                                 In segment four, we go longer and higher with a Rosie Rumination accompanied by our first Dueter track, while Bob Sima implores us to “Be Humble, Be Hungry, Be Love.” Rudy Raps with an “Ode to TRM: How Odd Our God,”to the Drum Distillery music of James Asher and Arthur Hull.  With Leonard Cohen’s help, “Democracy” is coming soon. David Wilcox teaches us  to “Show the Way.” Many have moved on during these past decades, among them is Santa Fe Community Yoga founder Michael Hoppe. We bring a tribute from his memorial from Round Mountain with “Miatreya.”