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Pre-Sabbatical Special: Nanci L Danison & “Answers From The Afterlife;” Katherine Roske & Carolyn Anderson; “Co-creators Handbook 2.0” & Rudy’s Rap (Show #1744)

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The 07/30/17 TRM Show post is below these current Free TeleWeb Events. Scroll down to the next green box for today’s TRM show description and audio.

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From last week: Discovering the Sufi Way of the Beloved with Andrew Harvey and, Discovering Your Soul Voice: Open Your 3 Major Centers to Your Authentic, Free Expression also, Opening to Aloha

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So, Transitions is in Transition. For the next seven weeks we will be off the 98.1, Radio Free Santa Fe, KBAC FM terrestrial radio airwaves during this Sabbatical period. What we will return with the second half of September is up to Source, Great Mystery, to unfold for us. Ideas are in process. We would also like your input and assistance. We are seeking out new team members, both adept in needed human resources as well as financial resources to keep things growing in this RADICAL time of great change. You can email Alan Hutner, with any ideas and resources for continued multimedia support.

Our two websites will be operative. Both and will continue to contain periodic uploads, content and relevant updates for you to stay tuned online. Look for archived TRM interview gems, Rosie’s Ruminations and Rudy’s Raps as well as Blog Posts, all time and health permitting.

TRM 07/30/17– Show #1744

In Hour One, we dipped into our TRM “best of” music library for music not only in the first hour, but throughout the show. Themed picks include songs of love, loving lyrics, remembrances of love in all forms and related poetry of Truth and Source wisdom.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Music Set #3, Sponsors.

In Hour Two, Katherine Roske and Carolyn Anderson conclude their discussion on their “Co-Creators HandBook 2.0” and an upcoming four day event at Hummingbird Community North of Santa Fe, titled, “Co-Creating a New Earth: Essential Practices to Navigate Transformational Times:” Also, Nanci L Danison introduces, Answers From The Afterlife her fourth book. (Note the complete interview, 6 segments, will be available on Monday August 7 at

Details Hour 2: Featured Guests: Katherine & Carolyn Seg #3, Sponsors, Featured Guests: Featured Guest: Nanci L Danison Seg #1, Sponsors, Singer Songwriter Music Set #4, Sponsors.

In Hour Three, to close out TRM for the lucky seven week Sabbatical ahead, Rudy Raps on that topic, and the letting go of….everything.

Details Hour 3: Music Set #5, Sponsors, Music Set #6, Sponsors, Preview of Next Week’s Show, Rudy’s Rap, Music Set #7