ALAN HUTNER is the producer and co-host of TRANSITIONS RADIO MAGAZINE, now in its 25th year on air. TRM is a Santa Fe-based new paradigm program of music, featured guest interviews and conversation, focused on socially conscious issues and resources for a better world. It airs Sunday mornings on KBAC FM 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe. Alan also is involved in various multi-media projects, including the recent launch of MEDIA21ST, LLC, a company that develops, produces, and distributes socially-responsible and environmentally-conscious media/communications/entertainment products for radio, the Internet, TV, print and direct consumer mediums.

Born in 1941, before FM radio, television, computers and I-pods, Hutner has traversed the birth and growth of the Information Age by staying on the leading edge of change. During the Sixties and Seventies, Hutner spent twelve years in a corporate management/executive career with SmithKline Corporation (now Glaxo-SmithKline), a multinational healthcare conglomerate. While working full time and raising a family, he earned an MBA in 1970. In 1977 Hutner left corporate life to start his own company, Alan Hutner Consulting, as an entrepreneurial consultant. He was a pioneer in the emergent holistic health movement, while initiating work supporting “right livelihood.”

Hutner served as News and Public Affairs Director for KLSK FM in the late 1980s and, as a popular Santa Fe personality, has hosted TV shows, and emceed and produced community multi-media events. He has produced independent videos and television projects, developed and facilitated transformational events and concerts, and written articles for a variety of publications. He was a partner/editor of The Santa Fe Sun newspaper.

Hutner has served on various boards and on the Mayor’s Public Access Television Committee. He has been honored nationally by Citizens for Health as a health freedom activist and by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services/F.D.A. for his work on health fraud and quackery.

A conscientious meditator and one who seeks to live in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way, Hutner walks his talk as a broadcaster of the values encompassed by those who embrace healthy lifestyles, alternative healthcare, a sustainable economy, and personal growth and development, while staying grounded in mainstream society and business.

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