ELIZABETH ROSE has a diverse background in media, teaching, and as a healing arts practitioner. Since 1995, she has been the music director, co-producer, and co-host and announcer for TRANSITIONS RADIO MAGAZINE (TRM). She is an active participant in the launch of MEDIA21ST LLC, a company that develops, produces, and distributes media/communications/entertainment products for radio, the Internet, TV, print and direct consumer mediums.

Elizabeth has produced or co-produced conferences and workshops, such as a 3-day intensive Labor Support Doula Training and Conference with Penny Simkin, founder of Doulas of North America (DONA), and a 3-day, multi-media production of “The Santa Fe Conclave: Prophecy, Myth & Fact,” and “Chemtrails Over America – What’s Wrong With Our Skies?”

In addition to her passion for socially conscious media, Rose is an acknowledged Wisdom Keeper in the field of parenting and natural birthing, a skilled and sensitive educator, and is widely respected for her gentleness and support of women in the childbearing year. She has attended 70+ births (both home and hospital) as a Midwife Assistant & Certified Labor Support Doula. Rose is the founder of Essential Nurturing, the umbrella organization for her Massage for the Childbearing Year practice and educational outreach. She regularly teaches Prenatal Massage and Childbirth Education Classes and is a Registered Massage Therapy Instructor. She produces and teaches her own 3-day workshops, “Essential Nurturing for the Childbearing Year.”

Elizabeth recognizes the need for honest and up-to-date information for parents so they can make educated choices about the health and well-being of their family. Her connections with prominent local and national authors and professionals in the field of Conscious Birthing and Parenting offer TRM and Media21ST strong program content in this area.

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