Radical Honesty and Radical Parenting best-selling author, psychotherapist, seminar leader and Founder of the Center for Radical Honesty, Brad Blanton is back with his latest massive missive, The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook. As one subtitle says, “The Empire is Consuming us: either we eat them or they eat us.” And the other subtitle: “Recipes for Ending Civilization and Avoiding Collective Suicide.” Radical Honesty is a communication that is direct, complete, open and expressive. Radical Honesty means you tell the people in your life what you’ve done or plan to do, what you think, and what you feel. It’s the kind of authentic sharing that creates the possibility of love and intimacy. Brad’s newest book is the extension of his radical nature.

Seg. 1 – The Empire is Consuming Us

Seg. 2 – The New Golden Rule

Seg. 3 – The Seven Big Ideas Strategy

Seg. 4 – 21st Century Corporate Cannibalism

Seg. 5 – Interrupting Consumerism

Seg. 6 – A New World Common-Wealth

Seg. 7 – Amplifying Love & Truth

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